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One day, your partner was walking down the street, when they were abducted by the Martian 201K Quadrille, who were looking for information about humans. They opened up your partner's head, planning on throwing them into the galactic landfill when they were done, as usual, but then they discovered memories, hobbies, friends and... you, in their brain. It was so incredible, that they decided to let them go and return them in one piece. Well, almost.

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The ideal personalised story to surprise your partner and captivate them while they read it, if they're not already. A different way to say I love you! And a fun, bold story. An incredible collection of memories. Free PDF!

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In addition to the necessary photos (children, teacher, group and school), You can add EXTRA PHOTOS! You can hire space for 12, for 24 or for 36 extra photos. Do you want to see how it looks?

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