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Collaborators, friends, inspiration... humans we elves cherish.

Along with the elves, in Duendeo's workshop cave where we create personalised stories to give as gifts, we also have collaborators, friends and humans who help and inspire us.


We didn't know what a Tweet was, how to run a business, what investing in ads was, what a blog was, how to explain who we are to you... it started talking to him, and from there Duendeo started to grow.


In a world of daydreaming elves dedicated to personalisation, we received a human friend obsessed with automation. Eureka! The unthinkable mix works!


Speech therapist with a lot of experience with children. Hundreds of children have passed in front of her mirror, so she's learned what does and doesn't interest them. Her experience has also been completed as a mother. She knows the importance of stories in language acquisition... The perfect complement for this team! (Text revision, new products)


This is a former elf who became human, these things happen, and he no longer edits for us... But in the elf cave we have a photo to remember him because he was a very special elf.


Teacher, mother, collaborator, customer... This human being was determined to try out all the possible roles as a gift-giver, so how could we not mention her?


A human journalist. Expert in the human and the divine. And she took some time to help us in our first events... How could we forget her? She even dressed up for us!


The elves thought we knew how to make videos... until we tried it! Thank goodness this human came along. Video edition with love.


This human appeared to help when there were phone calls coming out of the elves' ears... and before she went she left us her drawings in a cool video. Thank you!


When Duendeo was a baby, Samu accepted our thousands of little touches and became little with us to help us grow up a little. A legend. Incredible human.


What if a human took your ideas on paper to his workshop and gave you back a gift for the teacher that will make them cry and last a lifetime? Imagine Mario working.


Imagine looking for someone to print and bind stories, each story different from the other, and everyone looks at you like you're crazy... or they give you crazy prices. Everyone but one.


May Duendeo come to mind. May the first person you call be the human you used to write stories with while sitting on the street with a vanilla milkshake and popcorn.


The first person who, when we explained the idea to him, instead of saying things, sat down to teach us. It didn't last long, but the one who watered the seed for the first time deserves to appear here.

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CREATRICHE SL within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has had the support of ICEX and with the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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